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Friday, March 7, 2014

Build Your Brand On Social Media In Just 12 Minutes a Day

Building your brand on Social Media in just 12 minutes each day takes a consistent message, good listening skills and knowing how to best utilize your time. It is also important to realize that you don't have to be on EVERY single social media outlet to build a strong brand and following. First, take 4 minutes on Twitter to review your messages, retweet interesting content, post your own content and extend your thank yous. Having a consistent brand message is critical to your success. I like to use a list of twitter friends who post content that supports my message to pull from quickly and easily.
Second, take 4 minutes for Facebook. Read your comments and reply back to your followers. Always post an update that is like a headline. Review headlines in magazines, newspapers or online publications to give your brand a strong punch. Don't be a copycat--make sure your headlines are your own and use them to promote your message and build your brand to success.
Third, spend 2 minutes on Pintrest to pin 1-2 items and leave a few comments on posts you like. Next, follow back your followers. There are 5 great reasons that you should not ignore Pintrest. 1) You can learn a lot about what people are responding to by seeing what is being repinned. 2) There are lots of women on Pintrest--in fact, 80% of Pintrest users are women. 3) Pintrest is an awesome place to display photos of your wares, quotes, books and social media knowledge. 4) Group boards can be used to increase your brand and message exposure to more people. 5) Use Pintrest because it's FUN-it's like shopping without spending money!
Fourth, spend 2 minutes each day on your blog posting, promoting and writing. Your blog is a way to get your message out and it needs to be updated regularly with new information. Blogging is free AND it links ALL your social media accounts in one place!
There are many other ways to promote your brand on social media including LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc. You can add some or all of these depending on what your brand needs. Use your time wisely as it's better to be AMAZING in 3-4 areas than so-so in 8-10 areas. Balance is key to a success in social media and more importantly, in life.
Who is Jessica de la Davies: Jessica de la Davies is an award winning writer and author of "Slippery When Wet!"--rated 5 Stars on She can be found on twitter at and on Pintrest at Both @DaviesWriter *Her hobby is lint!


  1. Thanks for the tips, Jessica. I'm thinking of starting an Instagram account as well.

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