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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Create Twitter Lists To Build INFLUENCE

Twitter lists can be used in a number of different ways to help you build social media influence by putting out excellent content to attract and retain quality followers. It’s not the number of followers that you have, but the quality of these followers that count the most.
Here are four ways that your lists can help you build your social media influence: 1) Keep a private list of people who post terrific content that your followers will be interested in reading and retweet this information from the list straight out to your followers. This saves you valuable time searching through your timeline trying to figure out what to post and ensures consistent excellence in your postings. With only 140 characters, the quality of each message in your post is important.
2) Keep a list of people who retweet you often, mention you often and/or a list that contains followers you want to thank. For example, you can have a “Gratitude For Following” list to thank new followers or a “Thx For Retweet” list as a special thank you for those people who are kind enough to retweet your posts. Don’t forget to Retweet them or thank them in return.
3) Keep a list of people who YOU value as top influencers on social media. This allows you to easily view their tweets for a few minutes each day. By replying and adding valuable information, quips or links into the conversation, you can build loyal, caring relationships with people who YOU value the most.
4) Keep a list of people who have conversations or discussions that you enjoy participating in and Retweet, reply and comment during these. This keeps the “social” in social media and keeps it fun for all involved-especially YOU!
Use your lists to build up your social media influence. Your goal should be to make social media fun and engaging for both yourself and, more importantly, for your followers.
About Jessica de la Davies: Jessica de la Davies is an award winning writer and author. Her book “Slippery When Wet!” is rated 5 stars on She is on twitter at or on Pintrest at @DaviesWriter ---- Her hobby is lint!

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