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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Three Golden Rules of Twitter

Like any form of social media, Twitter has it's rules. Here are three of the most important ones: One: Tweet others as you want to be Tweeted. I don't think this needs any big explanation, do you? If so, you are invited to post a comment below. In fact, post a comment even if you don't want to add an explanation. :)
Two: Twitter is a two-way street. Acknowledge your followers who are retweeting or socializing with you in some kind of manner within a reasonable time period. You can do this by saying thank you, retweeting them in return, mentioning them in a weekly or bi-weekly tweet, replying to them directly or by marking their post to you as a "favorite" tweet. This lets your followers know that you are also engaged with them. Your social media relationship goes both ways.
Three: Don't ever spam. If you are promoting something, for example, I have a book released right now, then mention this fact no more than one out of five tweets. Also, do not direct message someone a sales pitch. It is considered bad taste to do this right away. Instead, tweet a welcome to your new follower or simply follow back. Also, it's interesting to read other people's tweets, check out their bios and visit their websites. Be engaged and be engaging! Good luck and see you on twitter. I'm @DaviesWriter and I love Pintrest too
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