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Friday, February 21, 2014

5 Steps For Getting More Quality Twitter Followers

Here are five easy tips for increasing your twitter following with QUALITY followers. Step One: Follow people who are similar to you. The reason for this is that these followers will be more likely to take an interest in what you are posting. This will help you in three ways. First, these followers are more likely to follow you back. Second, they are more likely to read your tweets. Third, they may even retweet your tweets to their followers giving your more exposure to potential followers. Hooray!
Step Two: Follow people back. It is frustrating to be thanked by someone for following them and then not be followed back. Companies especially need to follow back since they obviously are building a brand and brand loyalty. You are more likely to build a loyal following of people who care about your content and care about your company or you if you follow back.
Step Three: Tweet content that can be retweeted. This involves a couple of things. One, you need to use less than 120 of your 140 twitter characters so someone else has room to add their name and RT to your tweet. Two, you should post some content that your followers will want to retweet to their followers such as a quip, quote, blog post or picture.
Step Four: Retweet others who post content that is of value or interest to your followers. Your followers may retweet your posts in return or say thank you. Now, you are networking with others to increase your success and their success!
Step Five: Don't ask someone to "Like" your Facebook page, buy your product, vote for you for an award or give you a shout out the first time you tweet them. It is more polite to say hello and introduce yourself. Take some time to build relationships with your friends on twitter-it's social media-and considered "SPAMY" by most people on twitter. Be engaging, be a success on twitter!
Best of luck on Twitter and you are welcome to join me on twitter @DaviesWriter -- I look forward to meeting/tweeting you soon!
Jessica de la Davies is an award winning writer. Her novel "Slippery When Wet!" is out and Amazon has rated it 5 Stars. She is working on her next novel "Quit It Some More" which is due to be released in August of 2014. Her hobby is lint!

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