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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tattoos, Summer Camps and Kat Von D

I saved all year living on rice and beans so that I can give my child the best. My oldest child, Chris, is going away to a sleep away summer camp for an entire month. I want to have Kat Von D tattoo the words, “Handle with Care” on his forehead, but Chris won’t even consider it even though I offered to pay for the tattoo! I feel sad as Chris packs his sleeping bag, his flannel shirts, his favorite baseball cap, our flat screen TV, our family computer, the contents of the pantry and all of the bath towels. I think he left one for me and one for our dog, Mr. Pooh…my thoughtful young man. I am crying a little as Chris loads everything into the back of the car. As I hug him goodbye, he mumbles something about needing money. I hand him my wallet. It is a special moment between a mother and her eldest son. As Chris drives away with his friends to the airport, I try to put into words what I am thinking. Instead, I snort out through my tears, “Don’t forget to use your deodorant. Floss only the teeth you want to keep. Comb your hair at least once a week. I love you!” I blow him kisses and run behind him waving as the van pulls away. Chris is pretending not to know me. I am stressing out as there is so much Chris doesn’t know about yet. I still have so much to share with him. • Chris needs to know that for every mountain he climbs, there is a reward of a GREAT view at the top. • He needs to learn how to find his laundry hamper with his socks. • I need to teach Chris to avoid fake people and never to believe people when they ask him to be honest with them. • He needs to know to never ask a woman if she is pregnant unless he can see the baby’s head crowning. Most of all, I want to teach Chris to text his mother once in a while.

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